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Professional Services

As a professional security company we cater for a broad variety of security needs. Our clients enjoy the benefit of a complete security service which includes requests for male and female guards and guards with specialist training.

Tru-Guard security operates on a different level to most other security companies as we carefully adapt our services for each situation. Our staff are trained to orientate themselves with the venue, meet staff, find out information that is important such as assembly points, toilets, entry/exit points etc. Our guards will also fit into their environment and work as a team with our client's staff.

Tru-Guard Security is equally proficient at door/gate security, searches, liquor licensing regulations, general crowd control, and cash collection. We are a customer friendly company and our major concern is that your patrons have an enjoyable time, and to remove any opportunity of injury and risk to yourselves and your customers.

Our services include but are not restricted to:

  • Static Guards

  • Crowd Control

  • Personal Protection


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